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Elbit Systems Visitors System

Easy way to manage visitors confirmation process


End-To-End Process In One System

Elbit Systems is a security company that has to manage the visitors confirmation process to prevent malicious individuals from gaining entry to the company's facilities.

A new system provides an E2E process that allows all users to manage the process more easily.

Competition Research

My first step is to interview employees in the military industry and IDF officers to understand how they approach the process and what challenges and solutions they use.

Visitors' systems don't solve the user problem, and some of the processes are still handled manually.

The main problem is managing visits that include top secret information or involve visitors from the military industry. This is because they need security clearance in advance.


The Problem

The current visitor system is extremely outdated and fails to offer comprehensive solutions to all parties involved, including hosts, security officers, and reception staff. The system does not adequately support proper workflow processes, resulting in duplicated efforts for CBTs, incomplete information on visitor classification, and a need for hosts to call CBTs to obtain feedback.
To address these issues, user requirements were analyzed in collaboration with security officials to ensure compliance with the company's security protocols and requirements during the work process.


User Research
Pain Points


User Research
Main Problem

The Host

The system can provide online feedback on whether the visitor has security clearance at Elbit or needs to deliver documents.

Security Officers

The inspector can easily determine the number of visits, which simplifies the decision-making process for approving visitors. Visitor classification information is stored within the system and made available to relevant users

The Reception

The reception’s employees are interested in enhancing the onboarding and releasing process and be able to handle a large number of visitors at the same time.
In addition, it is critical to monitor the equipment brought into the company's facilities, such as weapons, computers and other electronic equipment.
The reception staff must be informed of visitors' arrival and their identities, as well as receive information about the number of visitors present at the company.

1601.m10.i310.n005.P.c20.321294572 Customer at reception. Vector concept in flat style.jpg

Roles Analysis


Task Analysis

task analyse.jpg

The Solution


E2E Process

I designed a comprehensive workflow that encompasses every stage of the visit, including entering visitor details, sharing information with relevant stakeholders, and receiving feedback on guest classification from the system


Efficiency Improvement 

The inspector's approval process is now quick and streamlined. The inspector can easily determine the number of visits, which simplifies the decision-making process for approving visitors


Available Information

Visitor classification information is stored within the system and made available to relevant users


Customer Centric Approach

Receiving and releasing visitors has become a much more efficient process. This allows reception staff to manage a high volume of visitors while simultaneously monitoring the equipment they bring into the company's facilities, such as weapons and electronic devices. The visitor release screen provides online access to the number of visitors on the premises

Information Architecture

Untitled (6).png

User Flow- The Host

Untitled (7).png


CamScanner 2023-07-08 11.08n_1.jpg
CamScanner 2023-07-08 11.08n_1.jpg
CamScanner 2023-07-08 11.08n_1.jpg

After understanding the users' needs,
I began drawing a law fidelity wireframes.

Once I had a clear vision for the design,
I moved on to creating digital prototypes

Users Feedback

MacBook - 3.png

Throughout the design process, I constantly sought feedback from users. Their input was invaluable in ensuring that the final product met their expectations and requirements. I made changes based on their feedback, continuously iterating and improving the design.

Michal Shavit

Dor Shani

Moran Lavi

R&D Manager

Security Officer

Reception manager


This is the first time I am receiving immediate feedback, and I know what to do next

The new system help me make the right decision and avoid mistakes.

I have all the information in the system

I can mange high volume of visitors. I always know who is still in the company facility


The Host- New Visit

Group 23 (1).png

Security Officers-Visit Approval

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