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The problem

Currently, there is no website that consolidates a diverse range of nationwide classes. While some websites offer advanced search features, they often fail to provide relevant results. Moreover, existing websites merely serve as search engines without the option to customize search results. Currently, there is a divide between websites catering to private circles and those affiliated with social housing companies. Unfortunately, no website consolidates a comprehensive range of options tailored to one's place of residence

The Solution

After analyzing the users' requirements, I designed a website that caters to those who have a clear idea of what they want as well as those who are receptive to suggestions. The website facilitates the creation of a family schedule by providing map and calendar-based search results. It is a comprehensive platform that enables the registration of the entire family in one go, making it easier to manage payments and register or cancel classes as needed.

Competitor Research

Currently, no website exists that provides a comprehensive collection of classes nationwide. Instead, there is a division between private class websites and individual websites that promise advanced search capabilities but yield irrelevant results. Moreover, no website offers a diverse array of options relevant to one's place of residence.

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User research results – questionnaire N=63

According to user research, the majority of people enroll in classes based on recommendations from friends or children's requests after exposure to the class. Other methods include searching social media and local advertising. Only 11 respondents reported using websites to find classes. However, if a comprehensive website were available, it could potentially replace local advertising as the primary method of class discovery.

It is evident that users value receiving complete information about classes, including details such as relevant ages, instructor information and credentials, exact location, and necessary equipment. Users also prioritize receiving reliable information about registration, cancellation and freezing policies, and missed class make-up options.

Furthermore, users appreciate diverse options from a platform, such as the ability to register for a trial class, establish direct contact with instructors, and read recommendations from class participants.

Information architecture

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User flow

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User Interview

Shir, a mother of three children, including a six-month-old baby on maternity leave, a 4-year-old boy, and a 6-year-old boy, resides in Tzoran. She picks up her children from kindergarten at 2:00 p.m. and searches for afternoon activities for them in various classroom settings. Since her husband works in the field of amplification and lighting and is absent in the afternoons, Shir is concerned about managing to bring her children to classes on time, particularly if they are in remote locations. Waiting with the baby and the other child and picking them up on time is also challenging. Thus, Shir requires access to accurate information about class locations and hours.

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  • A one-stop platform to manage all class-related activities.

  • Assurance that she has made the right choice, including the ability to preview sample lessons and read recommendations from other class participants.

Pain points:

  • Difficulty in managing three small children alone.

  • A desire to provide her older children with quality afternoon activities.

  • The challenge of synchronizing multiple schedules to arrange a proper class schedule for the children.

Home Page

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Product Page

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