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My story

Throughout my career, I have always enjoyed collaborating with people and finding innovative solutions to various challenges. This has been true in all of my previous roles, including customer service, recruitment, and key positions in the welfare field, as well as when working as a personal assistant for high-level executives. While I received accolades for my work, I never felt fully fulfilled.

One day, by chance, I was present at an intriguing discussion about the development of a new classified system within my organization. While the conversation may have seemed simple on the surface, it had a profound impact on me, leading me to realize what I truly wanted to do.

Excited by this newfound clarity, I embarked on a thorough investigation of all the schools involved in the field, as well as discussions with professionals already working in it, until I found the perfect place to pursue my studies. Despite being in a secure and highly-regarded job, others around me questioned my decision to seek new challenges.

However, I knew that my burning desire for change could not be ignored. As I progressed through my studies and tackled various projects (which can be viewed here), I became increasingly confident that I was pursuing the right path for myself.

 I am eagerly looking forward to my next project with a sense of pride and enthusiasm.




UX Designer

By Dr. Ofer Monar

University of Haifa- external studies


M.A Law

Bar Ilan University 


B.A   business administration,

Collage of management

Specialization in human resources and marketing

Professional experience: 


Elbit Systems C4I and cyber

Executive assistant to the CTO


•In addition to my official position I engage in the field of UX design:

conducting users research, users interviews, create user flows, wireframes and interactive prototype.

•Prepare and deliver high-quality presentations, for internal and external stakeholders.

•Interact cross-functionally with departments, employees, vendors and customers.

Efficiently coordinate and manage complex projects across the organization, ensuring seamless execution and timely delivery, working in high-pressure environment


Marcom specialist


•Develop and execute marketing plans that increase sales and revenue.

•Coordinate all Marcom issues from requirement to concept and timely execution (marketing materials-brochures, catalogs, presentations, giveaways, company conferences etc...)

Welfare manager 


•Managing the Employee Experience team.

•Lead Employee Experience plan, develop and implement comprehensive wellbeing programs and initiatives to improve employee satisfaction and well-being.

•The survey results demonstrated a high level of employee satisfaction and engagement following the events.


Yes Television

Welfare specialist

•Develop and implement wellbeing and motivations programs that support employee’s achievement and goal attainment.

•Building annual wellbeing programs and budgets, supporting managers at different levels regarding activities in their departments.

•Working with the Marketing and Content Division - managing internal campaigns for assimilating internal content and messages.

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